The Mystery of DO-RE-MI

The Mystery of DO-RE-MI
Christopher Gabbitas, David Muller
Signum 098


  1. Horace: Est mihi nonum
  2. Horace: I've a full flask
  3. Paul the Deacon / Guido d'Arezzo: Ut queant laxis

Playing time: 08' 34"

Christopher Gabbitas (baritone), David Muller (lute)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [2007 or 2006];
Rel.: 2007

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 31/1-259 (September/October 2007)

Information from Fanfare and label website.
This recording is based on research of Stuart Lyons, showing that Guido's epochal Do-Re-Mi melody was based on Horace's Ode to Phyllis.

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Pierre-F. Roberge