King's Singers - Christmas

King's Singers
Signum "Two" 502


  1. Trad., arr. Lawson: Veni, veni Emmanuel
  2. Trad: Angelus ad Virginem
  3. Trad., arr. Vaughan Williams: This is the truth sent from above
  4. Praetorius: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern
  5. Praetorius: Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen
  6. Anon., arr. Stevens: There is no rose
  7. Anon: Conventry Carol
  8. Bo Holten: Nowell we sing now
  9. Ravenscroft: Remember, O thou man
  10. Trad., arr. Bach: In dulci jubilo
  11. Lawson: Lullay my liking
  12. Pärt: Bogoroditsye Dyevo
  13. Tavener: The Lamb
  14. Trad., arr. Lawson: Maria durch ein Dornwald ging
  15. Trad., arr. Bach: O little one sweet
  16. Peter Warlock: Bethlehem Down
  17. Tchaikovsky, arr. Lubbock: The Crown of Roses
  18. John McCabe: To us in Bethlem City
  19. Trad., arr. Barwinski: Szczo to za prediwo
  20. John Rutter: There is a flower
  21. Ramirez., arr. Knight: La Peregrinaçion
  22. W.J. Kirkpatrick, arr. Lawson: Away in a manger
  23. Trad., arr. Lawson: Noël nouvelet
  24. Gruber, arr. Rutter: Stille Nacht
  25. David, arr. Knight/Lawson: Born on a New Day

Performers: David Hurley (countertenor), Robin Tyson (countertenor), Paul Phoenix (tenor), Philip Lawson (baritone), Gabriel Crouch (baritone), Stephen Connolly (bass); Gary Lovenet (drum), Sally Jackson (violin), Claire Ashby (violin), Joel Hunter (viola), Chris Worsey (cello)

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: May 2003 (Highgate)

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Todd M. McComb