Viriditas - The greening power of God

Viriditas - The greening power of God
Eriksson - Küver - Riddarholmen Chamber choir
Skiv Bolaget SBCD 515


    Anon., 8th c.:
  1. Hymn for Vespers: Veni creator spiritus

  2. Gregorian:
  3. Alleluia antiphon for Pentecost: Veni Sancte Spiritus
  4. Introitus for Eastertide: Iubilate Deo

  5. Hidegard von Bingen:
  6. Laus Trinitati
  7. O viridissima virga

  8. Anon.:
  9. Dance of the 11,000 Virgins

  10. Anon., France, 12th c.:
  11. Conductus: Pange melos lacrimosum

  12. Anon., School of Notre Dame, 13th c.:
  13. Rondellus: O summi regis mater inclita

  14. Hidegard von Bingen
  15. O virgo Ecclesia
  16. O cruor sanguinis

  17. Gregorian:
  18. Alleluia antiphon for Eastertide: Non vos relinquam

  19. Anon., School of Notre Dame, 13th c.:
  20. Conductus: Sol sub nube latuit

  21. Gregorian:
  22. Antiphon for Advent: O Sapientia

  23. Anon., School of Notre Dame, 13th c.:
  24. Rondellus: Salva nos stella maris

  25. Hidegard von Bingen:
  26. Ave generosa
  27. Nunc gaudeant materna

  28. Anon.:
  29. Hymn for the Assumption: O Prima Virgo prodita

  30. Gregorian:
  31. Tractus for the Mass of the Holy Virgin: Audi filia
  32. Gradual for the Feast of the Holy Trinity: Benedictus es Domine

Playing time: 60' 00"

Performers: Anna Eriksson (soprano), Veikko Küver (tenor), Riddarholmen Chamber Choir, Maria Forsström.

Recording site and date:
Church of St Clara, Stockholm, Sweden [autumn, 1997]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 449-104 (june 1998)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

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