O Gracious Light

O Gracious Light
Gregorian Chant – Hildegard of Bingen – medieval carols
Schola Magdalena
Schola Magdalena WRC8-8099 [CD]


    Anon., gregorian
  1. Compline hymn « Phos Hilaron »: O gracious light
  2. Ave Maria

  3. Anon., gregorian, Missa de angelis
  4. Kyrie
  5. Sanctus
  6. Agnus Dei

  7. Anon,, Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, 14th c.
  8. Spanish Pilgrim song: Stella splendens

  9. Anon.
  10. Hymn to the Virgin: Ave maris stella
  11. Medieval carol

  12. Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
  13. O virtus Sapientiae

  14. Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474)
  15. Ave Regina coelorum

  16. Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
  17. Quia ergo femina

  18. Anon.
  19. Medieval carol: Verbum caro factum est

  20. St. Birgitta of Sweden, 14th c.
  21. Antiphon / Magnificat

  22. Anon. (arr. Gabrielle McLaughlin)
  23. Lumen ad revelationem gentium

  24. Stephanie Martin (for the Sisters of St. John the Divine, Toronto)
  25. Alleluia

  26. Anon., gregorian
  27. Compline hymn « Te lucis ante terminum »: Before the ending of the day

Shola Magdalena
Stephanie Martin, Jo Ann Dawson, Janet Reid Nahabedian, Kathryn Smith, Julia Armstrong
Stephanie Martin, dir.

Playing time: 39' 16"

Recording site and date:
Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [02/2009];
Rel.: 2009

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