Songs and Consorts by William Byrd
Geraldine McGreevy / Ian Partridge / Phantasm - Laurence Dreyfus
Simax 1191


  1. La Verginella
  2. Fantasia a 4
  3. Rejoice unto the Lord
  4. In fields abroad
  5. Fair Britain Isle
  6. Though I be Brown
  7. O Lord how vain
  8. In nomine No. 1 a 4
  9. In nomine No. 2 a 4
  10. Susanna fair
  11. My Mistress had a little dog
  12. Though Amaryllis dance in green
  13. Lullaby
  14. Ye Sacred muses

Performers: Laurence Dreyfus (treble viol), Wendy Gillespie (tenor viol), Jonathan Manson (tenor viol), Markku Luolajan-Mikkola (bass viol), Geraldine McGreevy (soprano), Ian Partridge (tenor)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: August 1998 (Orford)

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Todd M. McComb