Music of The Age of Chivalry

Music of The Age of Chivalry
Mary Remnant, Petronella Dittmer, Mathew Hart Dyke
Soundalive Music SAMMT/CD 101


    Anon., France, 13th c.: The Play of Daniel
  1. Congaudentes celebremus

  2. Anon.: Tonus perigrinus
  3. Plainsong: In exitu Israel

  4. Anon., France, 13th c., Huelgas Ms:
  5. Conductus: Novus miles sequitur

  6. Anon., France, 13th c.:
  7. Joliettement

  8. Anon., England, 13th c.:
  9. Worldes bliss ne last no throwe

  10. Anon.:
  11. Christus vincit

  12. Anon., The Cracow Hejnel:
  13. Trumpet: Franfare

  14. Alfonso le Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  15. Cantiga 100: Santa Maria strela do dia

  16. Anon., England/France:
  17. Alle psallite cum luya

  18. Tassin (attr.):
  19. Chose Tassin

  20. Anon., France, 13th c.:
  21. Edi beo thu , hevene quene

  22. Gautier de Coinci:
  23. Ma viele

  24. Anon.:
  25. Sumer is icumen

  26. Anon., England, 14th c.:
  27. Angelus ad virginem

  28. Anon., England, ca 1300:
  29. Marionette douce
  30. Bryd one brere

  31. Anon., France, 14th c.:
  32. Cis chans veult boire

  33. Anon., Germany, 14th c.:
  34. Hymn: Maria muoter

  35. Anon., Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, 14th c.:
  36. Ad mortem festinamus

  37. Anon., 14th c.:
  38. Fanfare

  39. Anon., England:
  40. Ave Rex gentis Anglorum

  41. Anon., Germany, 14th c.:
  42. In Gottes namen fahren wir
  43. Anon., England, 14th c.:
  44. Lullay, Lullay: As I lay on Yooles night

  45. Guillaume de Machaut:
  46. Douce dame jolie

  47. Anon., Italy, 14th c.:
  48. Trotto

  49. Anon./Richard de Ledrede, Italy, 14th c.:
  50. Verbum caro factum est

  51. Anon., England, 14th c.:
  52. Me lykyth ever the lenger the bet

  53. Anon., 14th c.:
  54. Scribere proposui

Mary Remnant (harp, psaltery, gittern, mandora, rebec, fiddle, organistrum, symphony, portative organ, bone pipe, wood pipe, recorder, pipe and tabor, shawn, chimebells, percussion), Petronella Dittmer (soprano and organistrum), Mathew Hart Dyke (trumpet).

Recording site and date:

Playing time: 28' 25"

Comments: This CD was probably recorded around 1987 and re-released in 1995. The playing time is as noted (28'25"), one minute per track. A shame.

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Pierre-F. Roberge