Low and Lusty Ballads

Low and Lusty Ballads
The Elizabethan Underworld
The City Waites - Douglas Wootton, dir.
Sound Alive SA-MT 006


    Thomas Ravenscroft
  1. Brooms for Old Shoes

  2. Thomas D'Urfey
  3. The Traders Medley

  4. Samuel Pepys Collection of Ballads
  5. Lavenders Green

  6. Thomas Ravenscroft
  7. We be Soldiers Three: A drinking Song

  8. John Playford Complete Dancing Master
  9. Hey Jolly Broom Man

  10. Roxburghe Collection
  11. Give me my Yellow Hose Again

  12. Anon.
  13. The Oak and the Ash

  14. Thomas D'Urfey
  15. Tobacco is an Indian Weed

  16. Huth Collection
  17. "Lumps of Pudding"

  18. John Playford Complete Dancing Master
  19. The Farmer's Cursed Wife

  20. Thomas d'Urfey
  21. Over the Hills and Far Away

  22. Thomas Ravenscroft
  23. Tomorrow the Fox will come to Town

  24. Pepys Collection of Ballads
  25. My Dog and I

  26. Thomas Ravenscroft
  27. The Baffled Knight

  28. Thomas Ravenscroft
  29. The Three Ravens

  30. Bagford Collection
  31. The Crossed Couple

  32. Playford Collection
  33. Back and Sides Go Bare

  34. Brirish Library
  35. The Broom of the Cowdenknowes

  36. Anon., Tune "Packingtons Pound"
  37. The Song of the Cutpurse: Gallows song

Playing time: 59'24"

Performer: The City Waites - Douglas Wootton, dir.
[Lucie Skeaping (rebecs, violin, voice), Douglas Wootton (voice, lute, cittern), Roderick Skeaping (rebecs, violin, bass viol, voice), Michael Brain (curtal, recorders, krummhorn, voice), Robin Jeffrey (lute), Ian Gammie (violone)]

Recording site and date: Unknown [1992 or prior]

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Jon Stringer