Songs and Music form The Court of Henry VIII

Songs and Music form The Court of Henry VIII
The City Waites - Douglas Wootton, dir.
Sound Alive SA-MT 008-2


    Anon., Court Song Book
  1. England be Glad!

  2. Tielman Susato
  3. Nachtanz "Das is ein Scheiden"

  4. Henry VIII
  5. Whereto Should I Express

  6. Anon., 15th century
  7. La Spagna

  8. Pierre Attaignant
  9. Bransle de Bourgogne

  10. Anon. Court Song Book
  11. Madame d'Amours

  12. Anon., 15th century
  13. Scaramella

  14. Henry VIII
  15. If Love Now Reigned

  16. Anon., Court Song Book
  17. I am a Jolly Foster

  18. Henry VIII
  19. En Vray Amoure

  20. Henry VIII
  21. Helas Madame

  22. Tielman Susato
  23. Schafertanz

  24. William Cornish
  25. Fa La Sol

  26. Tielman Susato
  27. The Battle Pavan

  28. Anon. Court Song Book
  29. And I were a Maiden

  30. Claudin de Sermisy
  31. O Doulce Amour

  32. Tielman Susato
  33. Ronde

  34. Claudin de Sermis
  35. En Esperant

  36. Anon., Court Song Book
  37. Why Shall Not I

  38. Claudin de Sermisy
  39. De vous Servir

  40. Anon.
  41. The Emperor's Pavan

  42. Anon.
  43. Time to Pass with Goodly Sport / Taunder naken

  44. Anon., Court Song Book
  45. Si Fortune

  46. William Cornish
  47. Blow thy Horn Hunter

  48. Claudin de Sermisy
  49. Amour me Poingt

  50. Anon.
  51. The King's Pavan

  52. Anon.
  53. Hola Hey! Pa la vertu goy

  54. Tielman Susato
  55. Ronde "Mein Freund"

  56. Anon.
  57. In Wilderness

  58. Henry VIII
  59. Gentil Prince

  60. Anon., Court Song Book
  61. I have been aFoster

  62. Tielman Susato
  63. Ronde "Wo Bistu"

  64. Anon., 15th century
  65. Vive le Roy

Playing time: 58'09"

Performer: The City Waites - Douglas Wootton, dir.
[Lucie Skeaping (voice, rebec, recorder, crumhorn), Douglas Wootton (voice lute, percussion), Roderick Skeaping (rebec, viols, crumhorn, voice), Mike Brain (recorders, curtal, shawm, crumhorn, voice), His Majectys Sagbutts and Cornetts (Jeremy West, dir.), Maggie Vincent (recorder), Graham O'Sullivan (recorder)]

Recording site and date: Unknown [1993 or prior]

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