Music from the Time of Charles II

Music from the Time of Charles II
Famous Name Series
The City Waites - Douglas Wootton, dir.
Sound Alive SAMFN CD 302-2


    Matthew Locke
  1. Ayre, Saraband, Courante, Allemand

  2. William Lawes
  3. O My Clarissa

  4. Henry Lawes
  5. This Mossy Bank they Prest

  6. Matthew Locke
  7. Broken Consort in C major: Fantazie, Courant, Ayre, Saraband

  8. Corbetta
  9. Alleman, Minuet, Fanfare, from La Chitarra Royale

  10. John Wilson
  11. In the Merry Month of May

  12. John Playford, Playford Complete Dancing Master
  13. The King's Jig

  14. William Lawes
  15. Among thy fancies

  16. James Paisible
  17. Overture and Gavotte

  18. Jeremy Saville
  19. Here's a Health unto his Majesty

  20. Armonia Concerti Sopra Citarra Espanola, Pelegrini
  21. Balletto Primo, Corrente Festa

  22. William Lawes
  23. Gather your Rosebuds

  24. Nicola Mateis
  25. Suite: Adagio, Fuga, Adagio, Bulesca-Allegro

  26. Anon.
  27. Long Look't for now may come at last

  28. Jean Baptiste Lully
  29. Overture from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme

  30. Thomas d'Urfey
  31. The Wanton Trick

  32. Gaspar Sanz
  33. Matachia, Espanleta, Pavana, Forneo, Canarios

  34. Simon Ives
  35. Shepherd well met

  36. John Blow
  37. Ah Heav'n! What is't hear

  38. William Tompkins
  39. Fine Young Folly

  40. John Playford, Playford Complete Dancing Master
  41. The Twenty-ninth of May

  42. Henry Reynolds
  43. Dialogue between a Love and his Friend

Playing time: 70'18"

Performer: The City Waites - Douglas Wootton, dir.
[Lucie Skeaping (soprano), Julie Charles (soprano), Caroline Ashton (soprano), David Dyer (tenor), Andrew Yeats (tenor), Roddy Skeaping (violin), William Thorpe (violin), Douglas Wootton (theorbo), Lynda Sayce (theorbo), Ian Gammie (bass viol), Anthony Bevis (oboe), Belinda Sykes (oboe), Mark Bagnet (tenor oboe), Michael Brain (bassoon), Robert Foster (guitar)]

Recording site and date: Unknown [1995 or prior]

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