Ghosts, Witches & Demons

Ghosts, Witches & Demons
From the Castle to the Graveyard
The City Waites - Douglas Wootton, dir.
Sound Alive SAMPP CD 401-2


  1. "A Soulcake" for Hallowe'en

  2. John Playford, 17th century
  3. The Devil's Dream

  4. Henry Purcell
  5. Two Daughters of this Aged Stream

  6. Trad.
  7. The Mermaid

  8. Trad.
  9. "The Dead Man's Moan"

  10. Robert Johnson
  11. Where the Bee Sucks

  12. Ben Johnson
  13. The Satyrs Dance

  14. Trad.
  15. Widdecombe Fair

  16. Trad.
  17. "The Shaking of the Sheets"

  18. Broadside Ballad, 17th century
  19. The Lunatick Lover

  20. Henry Purcell
  21. "But e're we this perform"

  22. John Playford, 17th century
  23. The Gelding of the Devil

  24. Anon. Comic Song, 1800
  25. Miss Bailey's Ghost

  26. Robert Johnson
  27. Full Fathom Five

  28. Broadside Ballad, 17th century
  29. The Taleof Sir Eglamore and How He Slew The Wondrous Dragon

  30. Queen's Masque, 1609
  31. Witches Dance 1

  32. Comic Irish song
  33. Finnigan's Wake

  34. John Banitser
  35. Song for the sprite Ariel and Ferdinand

  36. Anthony Holborne
  37. The Fairie Galliard

  38. Trad.
  39. The Unquiet Grave

  40. Broadside Ballad, 17th century
  41. Wonder of Wonders

  42. Queen's Masque, 1609
  43. Witches Dance 2

Playing time: 57'15"

Performer: The City Waites - Douglas Wootton, dir.
[Lucie Skeaping (soprano and violin), Douglas Wootton (tenor, lute, cittern), Roderick Skeaping (violin, accordion, viol, voice, arrangements), Michael Brain (recorder, curtail, voice), Julie Charles (soprano), George Weigand (banjo)]

Recording site and date: Unknown [1995 or prior]

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