Codex Huelgas - Unpublished Poliphony

Codex Huelgas - Poliphonía Inédita
Voces Huelgas - Luis Lozano Virumbrales
Sony "Hispánica" 60844


  1. Planctus: Rex obit
  2. Conductus: Casta catholica
  3. Prosa: Flavit auster
  4. Motet: Ex illustri
  5. Planctus: O monialis concio
  6. Prosa: Cetus apostolici
  7. Motet: Catholicorum concio
  8. Organum, Gradual: Omnes de saba
  9. Planctus: Quis dabit
  10. Conductus: Ave, Maria
  11. Benedicamus: Virgini Maria
  12. Prosa: Nobis cedunt vetera
  13. Conductus: O gloriosa
  14. Planctus: Plange castella
  15. Organum, Alleluia: Quae est ista
  16. Conductus: Surrexit de tumulo
  17. Organum, Alleluia: Salve, Virgo
  18. Motet: Belial vocatur
  19. Planctus: Dum fernandus
  20. Fa Fa Mi / Ut Re Mi

Performers: Catalina Moncloa (voice), Rosa de Segovia (voice), Ligia Gutiérrez (voice), Marta Bornaechea (voice), Helia Martínez (voice), Margarita Arguedas (voice), Rosario Villamayor (voice), Nuria Llopis (harp), Pilar Tomás (portative organ), Luís Delgado (tromba marina)

Playing time: 62'

Recording date: June 1998 (Burgos)

This series of works from the Las Huelgas Codex shows some of the richness of the manuscript, one of the largest and most important for Ars Antiqua music, as well as one which includes some important early Ars Nova polyphony. The Monastery itself, located near Burgos, was one of the richest in Europe from the twelfth century onward.

The plainchant manuscripts of the monastery take up the Cistercian repertory, copying and revising it. The polyphony has become justifiably more famous, but is actually not the main bulk of the music.

Although the present title emphasizes polyphony, there is a broader range of music included. The monophonic planctus is one of the more intriguing parts of the program and relatively under-recorded.

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Other volumes are apparently planned.

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