Gesualdo: Tenebrae

Gesualdo: Tenebrae
Taverner Consort - Andrew Parrott
Sony Vivarte 62977


    In I nocturno

  1. Antiphon: Asiterunt reges terrae
    Psalm: Quare fremuerunt gentes
    Antiphon: Asiterunt reges terrae
  2. Lectio I: De Lamentatione ... Heth
  3. Responsory I: Omnes amici mei
  4. Lectio II: Lamed
  5. Responsory II: Velum templi
  6. Lectio III: Aleph
  7. Responsory III: Vinea mea electa
  8. In II nocturno

  9. Antiphon: Alieni insurrexerunt
    Psalm: Deus in nomine tuo
    Antiphon: Alieni insurrexerunt
  10. Lectio IV: Ex Tractatu ... Protexisti me
  11. Responsory IV: Tamquam ad latronem
  12. Lectio V: Tanta opera bona
  13. Responsory V: Tenebrae factae sunt
  14. Lectio VI: Exacuerunt tamquam
  15. Responsory VI: Animam meam dilectam
  16. In III nocturno

  17. Antiphon: Captabunt in animam justi
    Psalm: Deus ultionum Dominus
    Antiphon: Captabunt in animam justi
  18. Lectio VII: De Epistola ... Festinemus
  19. Responsory VII: Tradiderunt me
  20. Lectio VIII: Adeamus ergo
  21. Responsory VIII: Jesum tradidit impius
  22. Lectio IX: Nec quisquam
  23. Responsory IX: Caligaverunt oculi mei

Performers: David Cordier (countertenor), Jonathan Peter Kenny (countertenor), Timothy Wilson (countertenor), Rogers Covey-Crump (tenor), Charles Daniels (tenor), Nicolas Robertson (tenor, choir), Richard Wistreich (bass), Ben Parry (solo chant); Simon Berridge, Steven Harrold, Christopher Hogan, Tom Phillips, Angus Smith, Paul Tindall, Patrick Ardagh-Walter, Jeremy Birchall, Stephen Charlesworth, John Milne, Jeremy White (choir)

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: October 1996 (Orford)

Carlo Gesualdo (c.1560-1613) was Prince of Naples, and so uniquely able to act as his own patron and compose however he liked. He is also known as a murderer, and all manner of other unsavory things. Nonetheless, his music has been able to hold up, if perhaps only for its bizarre qualities. The present responsories were published in 1611, some of his final compositions. They show him at his most darkly demonic and introverted.

Gesualdo's nine polyphonic settings (Responsory I-IX) for Good Friday are surrounded by appropriate plainchant. The same publication includes similar sets of responsories for Maundy Thursday and Holy Saturday.

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