The Dark Quill

The Dark Quill
Featuring the original Dracula
The Quill Consort
Silver Quill Recordings SQ 0213 [Cassette]


    Side 1
  1. Lamento di Tristano (Italy, 14th century) [instr.]
  2. A chantar (Countess of Dia, late 12th century)
  3. Fort chausa (Gaucelm Faidit, c1150-1207?)
  4. The Cursed Dancers of Colbek (from Robert Mannyng of Brunne's Handlyng Synne, 14th century)
  5. Ma vielle (Gautier de Coinci, 1177-1236)
  6. Munda Maria (Spain, 13th century) [instr.]

  7. Side 2
  8. Vlad the Impaler (Michel Beheim, late 15th century)

Playing time: Side 1: 20' 32" - Side 2: 21' 00"

The Quill Consort
Joseph A. Baldassarre (lute, symphonia, douçaine, recorder, percussion, voice), Linda Marie Zaer (narration, vielle, fiddle, voice)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1992 or prior];
Rel. 1992

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