Full well she sang

Full well she sang
Women's Music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Toronto Consort - David Fallis
SRI Classics 005


    The Middle Ages: In cloister

  1. Casta catholica
  2. Ave generosa
  3. Puer nobis nascitur
  4. At court

  5. Je vous pri
  6. La quarte estampie royal
  7. A chantar
  8. The Renaissance: Courtly and Popular Traditions

  9. And I were a maiden
  10. Defiled is my name
  11. John, com kisse me now
  12. The Queine of Ingland's paven
  13. Jouissance vous donneray
  14. St. Thomas Wake
  15. A north country lass
  16. Doen Daphne d'over schoone maeght
  17. Italian virtuosity

  18. Ridon or per le piagge / Amor per qual cagion / Io d'odorate fronde
  19. Mentre l'aura spiro
  20. L'eraclito amoroso
  21. La liberazion di ruggiero (exerpts)
    Coro delle Piante incantate
    Aria per pastore
    Madrigale per fine di tutta la festa

Performers: David Fallis (tenor, recorder, percussion), Meredith Hall (soprano), Paul Jenkins (tenor), David Klausner (recorder, flute, bass), Alison Mackay (vielle, viol, mezzo-soprano, recorder), Terry McKenna (lutes), Alison Melville (recorder), John Pepper (bass), Laura Pudwell (mezzo-soprano)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: 1993 or prior

Information from MELVYL. Attributions not given; track #2 may be by Hildegard.

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Todd M. McComb