Le Vot - Incantation

Incantation - The Harp and the Swan
Gérard Le Vot
Studio SM 2640


  1. Le Souhait de Tamerlan
  2. Almost forever
  3. L'oiseau et la rose
  4. Seeley Lake and the Swan
  5. Alice & Harold
  6. Jour de Iarmes
  7. L'oiseau moqueur
  8. Incantation
  9. Marine
  10. Smoky mountains
  11. Rosée d'automne
  12. Crystal Lake
  13. Cygne en hiver
  14. Feux de l'enfer
  15. Ballade sans retour

Performers: Gérard Le Vot (electric harp, synthesizer, rebec, voice); Frédéric Bertrand (electric guitar - tracks 2, 8, 12, 13, 14), Laurent Garnero (acoustic guitar - track 5), Eric Montbel (flute - track 7), Sylvie Pommey (electronics - track 6)

Playing time: 64'

Recording dates: 1992-97; CD preparation: 1997

This is original music by Le Vot (one of the geniuses of authentic performance for medieval French lyric poetry) primarily for electric harp, intended to evoke various features of early music. This is a very "New Age" sort of disc, and so probably only interesting to people who like that style, although there are some evocations of early music. It is rather surprising for me, given the gritty realism of Le Vot's medieval lyric performances.

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Todd M. McComb