Vox Sonora

Vox Sonora
Conduits de l'Ecole de Notre Dame
Diabolus in Musica - Antoine Guerber
Studio SM 2673


  1. Vetus abit littera (conductus)
  2. Ecce tempus gaudii (rondellus)
  3. Perotin?: Pater noster (conductus)
  4. Homo cur degeneras (conductus)
  5. Hac in die salutari (conductus)
  6. Serena virginum / Manere (motet-conductus)
  7. Vide prophecie / Viderunt omnes (motet)
  8. Nicholai presulis (conductus)
  9. Nicholaus pontifex (rondellus)
  10. Perotin: Salvatoris hodie (conductus)
  11. Vade retro sathanas (conductus)
  12. Vhe proclamet clericorum (conductus)
  13. Ver pacis aperit (conductus)
  14. Ave maris stella (conductus)
  15. Latex silice / Latus (motet-conductus)
  16. Veris ad imperia (conductus)
  17. A solis ortus cardine (rondellus)
  18. Excitatur caritas (conductus)
  19. Perotin?: Mors (motet)
  20. Perotin?: Benedicamus domino (organum)

Performers: Raphaël Boulay (tenor), Antoine Guerber (tenor), Jean-Paul Rigaud (baritone), Emmanuel Vistorky (baritone bass), Philippe Roche (bass)

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: September 1997 (Fontevraud)

This is a very fine program, centering on the conductus form of the 12th & 13th centuries.

The present ensemble's later program of the Notre Dame repertory:

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Ecole de Notre-Dame, 1170-1240
Diabolus in Musica - Antoine Guerber
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And their earlier program, focusing on the rondellus genre:

Manuscrits de Tours
Chants de fête du XIIIe siècle
Diabolus in Musica - Antoine Guerber
Studio SM 2672

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