Willaert intabulations of Verdelot

Willaert: Complete Works, Volume 6
Intavolature dei Madrigali di Verdelot
Il Desiderio
Stradivarius 33325


  1. Quanto sia liet'il giorno
  2. Quando Amor i begli occhi
  3. Quando Amor i begli occhi
  4. Donna leggiadra e bella
  5. Madonna qual certezza
  6. Madonna qual certezza
  7. Con lagrime, et sospir
  8. Fuggi, fuggi cor mio
  9. Igno soave ove il mio foco
  10. Amor se d'hor in hor
  11. Donna che sete tra le belle bella
  12. Donna che sete tra le belle bella
  13. Se mai provasti donna
  14. Afflitti spirti miei
  15. Ben che'l misero cor
  16. Madonna il tuo bel viso
  17. Divini occhi sereni
  18. Si lieta e grata morte
  19. Vita de la mia vita
  20. Gloriar mi poss'io donne
  21. Piove da gli occhi della donna mia
  22. Piove da gli occhi della donna mia
  23. Con l'angelico riso
  24. S'io pensasse madonna
  25. Madonna io sol vorrei
  26. Madonna per voi ardo
  27. Quanto sia lieto il giorno

Performers: Massimo Lonardi (lute), Silvia Piccollo (soprano), Giuseppe Zambon (countertenor), Sergio Balestracci (recorder), Gaetano Nasillo (viol)

Playing time: 48'

Recording dates: April & June 1994

The program for this recording is taken from a set of intabulations for voice & lute of madrigals by Verdelot done by Willaert. This arrangement was apparently intended to give these pieces, ordinarily sung by ensembles of multiple voices, more of the character of the frottola. The lute writing was done straight to tablature to capture the harmonic character of the surrounding voices, while the top line is left essentially intact. In this interpretation, different voice ranges are used in different songs (or sometimes an instrument in the top line), and divisions for recorder or viol are included at some points.

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