Hans Sachs - Meistersinger

Hans Sachs und seine Zeit
Eberhard Kummer / Trio des Clemencic Consort
Stradivarius 33361


  1. Othmayr: Octo sunt passiones (3 recorders)
  2. Sachs: Die gespons mit irem freunt (voice)
  3. Othmayr: Animae separatio a corpore (3 recorders)
  4. Othmayr: Si turpis et carnalis (3 recorders)
  5. Othmayr: Proderit et mortis meditatio (3 recorders)
  6. Sachs: Die drey werckmender (voice)
  7. Newsidler: Ein guter welscher tantz (3 recorders, percussion)
  8. Sachs: Der koch mit dem kranich (voice)
  9. Arbeau: Battements du tambour (percussion)
  10. Sachs: Die zwelff dreck (voice)
  11. Judenkünig: Ain Spaniyelischer hoff tantz (3 recorders, percussion)
  12. Sachs: Die epthesin mit der pruech (voice)
  13. Othmayr: Haec vita discerni (3 recorders)
  14. Othmayr: Prudentemque concordiam (3 recorders)
  15. Othmayr: Praesentia cuncta (3 recorders)
  16. Sachs: Der drit hort (voice)
  17. Newsidler: Preambel (clavicytherium)
  18. Newsidler: Eintlaub ist uns der walde (clavicytherium)
  19. Newsidler: In liebes brunst (clavicytherium)
  20. Judenkünig: Pauana alla Veneciana (clavicytherium)
  21. Othmayr: A varitia vincitur (3 recorders)
  22. Othmayr: Quodque pecuniis ad breve (3 recorders)
  23. Othmayr: Si adversitate aliqua (3 recorders)
  24. Othmayr: Id si feceris (3 recorders)
  25. Newsidler: Preambel (clavicytherium)
  26. Newsidler: Zart schöne fraw (clavicytherium)
  27. Newsidler: Ein geringer hofftantz - Der hupff auff (clavicytherium)

Performers: Eberhard Kummer (baritone), René Clemencic (alto & tenor recorders, clavicytherium), Michael Posch (tenor & bass recorders), Sibyl Kubelka (tenor & bass recorders), Walter Schiefer (drum & tambourine)

Playing time: 69'

Recording date: June 1994

Hans Sachs (1494-1576) was the most famous of the Meistersingers, a group of master lyricists charged with maintaining the song forms of the Middle Ages in Germany. As such, this art represents something of a continuation of that of the troubadours, although here the themes tend to be moral in nature. Of course, Sachs was later immortalized by Richard Wagner in Die Meistersinger.

Other composers represented here are Caspar Othmayr (1515-1553), Hans Newsidler (1508/9-c.1563), Thoinot Arbeau (1520-1595), Hans Judenkünig (1450-1526).

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