Schein: Banchetto Musicale

Schein: Banchetto Musicale
Accademia del Ricercare - Pietro Busca
Stradivarius Dulcimer 33403


    Suite I
  1. Intrada XXI
  2. Padouana
  3. Gagliarda
  4. Courente
  5. Allemanda e Tripa

  6. Suite VIII
  7. Padouana
  8. Gagliarda
  9. Courente
  10. Allemanda e Tripa

  11. Suite XIII
  12. Padouana XXII
  13. Padouana
  14. Gagliarda
  15. Courente
  16. Allemanda e Tripa

  17. Suite XVI
  18. Padouana
  19. Gagliarda
  20. Courente
  21. Allemanda e Tripa

  22. Suite XVIII
  23. Intrada XVIII-XIX Venus Kräntzlein (1609)
  24. Padouana
  25. Gagliarda
  26. Courente
  27. Allemanda e Tripa

  28. Suite XIX
  29. Padouana
  30. Gagliarda
  31. Courente
  32. Allemanda e Tripa

Performers: Germana Busca (flute, recorders), Claudia Ferrero (recorders), Anna Aguzzi (recorders, shawm), Paolo Stagnoli (recorders, shawms), Roberto Terzolo (recorders, dulcian, crumhorn, percussion), Gabriele Zeppegno (recorders, crumhorn), Linda Murgia (viol), Elena Bonaudo (viol), Massimo Sartori (viol, recorder, crumhorn), Alessandro Percelsi (viol, crumhorn), Loredana Guarnieri (cello), Luca Casalegno (percussion), Pierangelo Gobbi (virginal), Massimo Marchese (archlute)

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: August 1995

Johann Hermann Schein (1586-1630) was born near Dresden, but educated broadly in Leipzig where he took up the leading musical post. His Banchetto musicale (1617) is easily the most significant German instrumental publication to that point, beginning the process by which these dances would be more than "functional" music. The style still draws on such English composers as Brade, but also includes some more Italian elements, especially in the courentes. There are 20 Suites in the publication, with the Allemandas written in 4 parts and the other dances in 5.

The present interpretation is also interesting for its very low-pitched winds in some tracks.

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