Pavel Josef Vejvanovsky (1633/9-1693): Music for Trumpets and Strings

Vejvanovsky: Music for Trumpets and Strings
Ars Antiqua Austria - Gunar Letzbor (Dir.)
Symphonia SY 96151


  1. XXIV Intrada
  2. XII Sonata a 7
  3. VIIa Sonata prima a 5
  4. XXVII Serenada - Ingreesus
  5. - Sarabanda
  6. - Gavotte
  7. - Minuet
  8. - Gigue
  9. VIIb Sonata secunda a 6
  10. XXVIII Offertur ad duos chorus
  11. VI Sonata a sette
  12. V Sonata Paschalis
  13. XXI Sonata Natalis
  14. IX Sancti Spiritus
  15. XV Balletti a 5 - Alla breve
  16. - Allemanda
  17. - Courante
  18. - Sarabanda
  19. - Gigue
  20. - Alle breve
  21. Sonata Venatoria
  22. XI Sonata a sei
  23. XXVI Sonata a cinque
  24. VIII Sonata Laetitiae
  25. Sonata a 4
  26. XXIIII Serenada - Serenada
  27. - ()
  28. - Sarabanda
  29. - Presto
  30. - Conclusion

Performers: Gunar Letzbor, Daniel Sepec, Johanna Gamerith, Tomas Bik, Christoph Bitzinger (violin), Peter Aigner, Johanna Gamerith (viola), Gaetano Nasillo (cello), Roberto Sensi (bass viol), Andreas Lackner, Herbert Walser, Martin Patscheider, Martin Rabl (trumpet), Klaus Netzer (trombone), Charly Fischer (timpani), Norbert Zeilberger (harpsichord, organ)

Playing time: 72'57"

Recording date: March, 1996 (Eremo di Ronzano, Bologna); CD issued in 1997

Pavel Josef Vejvanovsky was born in Moravia circa 1633 or 1639. Little is known of his musical education except that he studied in Opava at the Jesuit College (also attended by Heinrich Biber and others). He spent most of his life working as trumpeter and Kapellmeister for the Bishop Princes of Olmuz (res. in Kromeriz). Vejvanovsky was a colleague of Biber when the latter was himself briefly in the employ of Bishop Prince Karl Liechtenstein-Kastelkorn. The two remained in contact with each other throughout their lives and it is understood that they exchanged musical ideas and material with one another. Vejvanovsky wrote in a style similar to the Canzone da Sonar of the early Italians as well as mixing styles of the Viennese, Germans and French. This CD would be of great interest to anyone who appreciates Heinrich Biber's music.

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