Codex Reina

Codex Reina
Ballades, Virelais et Rondeaux, 14ème siècle
Continens Paradisi
Symphonia 97155


  1. Soit tart, tempre (virelai; 2 voices, lute, shawm, 2 vielles)
  2. Contre le temps (virelai; 2 voices, lute, shawm, vielle)
  3. S'en moy est foi (rondeau refrain; lute, 2 vielles, percussion)
  4. La cornailhe (virelai; voice, lute)
  5. Machaut: De toutes flours (ballade; voice, lute, rebec, vielle)
  6. Dolour me tient (ballade; rebec, vielle)
  7. Machaut: De Fortune (ballade; 2 voices, shawm)
  8. Dame qui fust (ballade; shawm, lute, vielle)
  9. Machaut: Gais et jolis (ballade; voice, 2 vielles)
  10. Combienz qu'il soyt (isorythmic rondeau; rebec, lute, vielle, percussion)
  11. J'ay grant desespoir (ballade; voice, 2 vielles)
  12. Caserta: Beauté Parfaite (ballade; shawm, 2 vielles)
  13. Senleches: En ce gracieux tamps (virelai; voice, lute, vielle)
  14. Rescoés, rescoés (virelai; shawm, rebec, vielle)
  15. Puis qu'autrement (virelai; voice, shawm, lute, vielle)
  16. Jour a jour (rondeau refrain; voice, 2 vielles, shawm, lute)
  17. E Dieus commant (virelai; 2 voices)
  18. Mercy ou mort (ballade; voice, shawm, 2 vielles)
  19. Je voy le bon tens venir (virelai; 2 voices, rebec, lute, vielle, percussion)

Performers: Witte Weber (voice), Rogério Gonçalves (shawm, percussion), Thais Ohara (vielle, rebec), Marcelo Ohara (vielle, rebec), Agileu Motta (lute), Eric Mentzel (voice)

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: April 1997 (Bologna)

The Codex Reina is a large source copied in either Padua or Venice from the later 14th century to the early 15th century, and containing more than 200 secular songs in Italian, French and Flemish. The present recital focuses on the French Ars Nova pieces from the first part of the manuscript. The second part of the manuscript contains Renaissance-style pieces in the style of Dufay, and is not represented here.

The introduction credits the renowned Dominique Vellard for unspecified contributions.

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