Byrd: John Come Kisse me Now

Byrd: Jhon Come Kisse me Now, etc.
John Whitelaw
Talent 2910 22


  1. The Bells
  2. Ut re mi fa sol la
  3. Jhon Come Kisse me Now
  4. A Medley
  5. Prealudium & Fantasia
  6. My Ladye Nevells Grownde
  7. Munsers Almaine
  8. A Horne Pipe
  9. The Third Pavian & Galliarde
  10. The Tennthe Pavian "Mr W. Peter" & Galliarde
  11. The Passings Mesures Pavian & Galliarde

Playing time: 74'

Production dates: 1981/1989; CD release; 1996

Instrument: Harpsichord, Rainer Schütze after flemish model

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Todd M. McComb