Crossing the Channel

Crossing the Channel
Music from medieval France and England, 10th-13th century
Ensemble Providencia
Tacet 201


  1. Antiphon: Christus resurgens
  2. Conductus a3: Deus in adiutorium
  3. Responsory organum a2: Te laudant angeli
  4. Organum a3: Alleluia V. Nativitas
  5. Song: Bien deust chanter
  6. Conductus a2: Eclipsim patitur
  7. Motet a3: Ex semine
  8. Song: Worldes blis
  9. Conductus a3: Salve mater misericoridae
  10. Motet a3: Au queer ay un maus / Ja ne mi repentiray de amer / Joliettement
  11. Motet a3: Hare, hare, hye / Balaam goudalier / Balaam
  12. Conductus a2: O labilis
  13. Conductus a3: Veine pleine de duçur
  14. Motet a3: Qui bien aime / Cuer qui dort / Omnes

Performers: Maria Andrea Parias (soprano), Sarah Richards (soprano), Stéphanie Leclercq (mezzo-soprano), Hanna Järveläinen (mezzo-soprano)

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: May 2011 (Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne); released: 2012

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Todd M. McComb