Marie de France - Selections from the lais

Marie de France - Selections from the lais
"Guigemar" and "Fresne"
The Chaucer Studio - Miriam Rheingold Fuller
The Chaucer Studio OR 024 [Cassette]


    Side 1

  1. Guigemar - Lines 1-654
  2. Side 2

  3. Guigemar - Lines 655-886
  4. Fresne - Lines 1-518

Playing time: 90' 00"

Miriam Rheingold Fuller (voice of Marie de France), Gary Moege (chitarra, recorders, tambura, mandolin), Cathy Welch (bodhran, tambourine) - Miriam Rheingold Fuller

Recording site and date:
KCMW & Music Department, Central Missouri State University,Warrensburg [1999];
Rel. 1999

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