Gabrielis: Organ Music

Andrea & Giovanni Gabrieli: Musiche per organo
Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini / Liuwe Tamminga
Tactus 510001


  1. Giovanni: Canzon Primo Tono a 8 (1587)
  2. Andrea: Intonazione del Primo Tono
  3. Andrea: Ricercare del Primo Tono
  4. Andrea: Intonazione del Sesto Tono
  5. Andrea: Ricercar arioso
  6. Andrea: Motetto "Egredimini & videte" a 8 (1587; intabulation)
  7. Giovanni: Fuga del Nono Tono
  8. Giovanni: Toccata del Secondo Tono
  9. Giovanni: Canzon "La Spiritata" a 4
  10. Giovanni: Canzon "Sol Sol La Sol Fa Mi" a 8 (1608)
  11. Andrea: Toccata del Quinto Tono
  12. Andrea: Canzon ariosa
  13. Andrea: Fantasia allegra
  14. Andrea: "Io mi son giovinetta" a 4 (intabulation)
  15. Andrea: Canzon francese detta Petit Jacquet a 4
  16. Giovanni: "Lieto godea" a 8 (1587; intabulation)
  17. Giovanni: Toccata del Primo Tono
  18. Giovanni: Ricercar del Primo Tono
  19. Giovanni: Canzon del Secondo Tono
  20. Giovanni: Canzon del Duodecima Tono
  21. Giovanni: Canzon XII.T. a 10 (1597)

Performers: Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini (organ, tracks #1-6,10,15-21); Liuwe Tamminga (organ, tracks #1,6-15,21)

Instruments: Organs of the Basilica di S. Petronio, Bologna - organo "in cornu Epistolae" (Lorenzo da Prato, 1471-5 & Giovanni Battista Facchinetti, 1531), tracks #1-6,9-15,21; organo "in cornu Evangelii" (Baldassarre Malamini, 1596), tracks #1,6-8,10,15-21

Playing time: 69'

Recording date: March 1990 (Bologna)

Andrea Gabrieli (c.1510-1586) was one of the major early figures in Italian keyboard music, taking up the organ at St. Mark's in Venice in 1564. Together with Merulo, he is credited with developing the early form of the toccata. His compositions were not published until they were prepared for posthumous editions by Giovanni Gabrieli (1557-1612) whose keyboard music was included with them in some cases, and survives elsewhere by chance.

Much of this music was intended to accompany services, and is performed here on a contemporary organ, including polychoral compositions for two organs.

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