Mainerio: Dances

Mainerio: Il primo libro de balli
Consort Veneto - Giovanni Toffano
Tactus 531301


  1. La Billiarda (4 recorders, 2 bombards, sackbut, dulcian, percussion)
  2. Pass' e mezzo antico (4 recorders, dulcian)
  3. Pass' e mezzo della Paganina (2 bombards, sackbut, dulcian, regal, percussion)
  4. Caro Ortolano (3 bombards, sackbut, 2 percussion)
  5. Gagliarda (4 recorders, percussion)
  6. Putta Nera Ballo Furlano (3 bombards, dulcian, 4 recorders, percussion)
  7. La Zanetta Padoana (2 bombards, sackbut, dulcian)
  8. La Saporita Padoana (3 recorders, dulcian, percussion)
  9. Tedescha (3 bombards, dulcian, percussion)
  10. La Lavandara Gagliarda (2 bombards, sackbut, dulcian, percussion)
  11. Pass' e mezzo Moderno (2 bombards, sackbut, dulcian, percussion)
  12. Schiarazula Marazula (hurdy-gurdy, recorder, regal, cornet, 2 bombards, sackbut, percussion)
  13. Tedescha (4 recorders, percussion)
  14. Ungarescha (hurdy-gurdy, 3 bombards, dulcian, regal, percussion)
  15. L'arboscello Ballo Furlano (3 bombards, dulcian, 4 recorders)
  16. Ballo Milanese (4 recorders, percussion)
  17. La Parma (4 recorders, percussion)
  18. Ballo Francese (4 recorders, percussion)
  19. Ballo Anglese (4 recorders, percussion)
  20. Tedescha (harpsichord)
  21. La fiamenga (3 recorders, dulcian, percussion)
  22. Mainerio / Jakob Paix (1583): Pass' e mezzo antico (harpsichord)

Performers: Aldo Bova (recorder, percussion), Gianpaolo Capuzzo (recorder, percussion), Giovanni Toffano (recorder, percussion), Riccardo Drusi (bombard, cornet, hurdy-gurdy), Alessandro Paccagnella (bombard, recorder), Claudio Banzato (bombard, percussion), Valentino Brunoro (bombard), Lorenzo Ciaramicoli (sackbut), Paolo Tognon (dulcian), Alberto Macchini (percussion), Ilario Gregoletto (harpsichord, regal)

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: October 1992 (Italy)

Giorgio Mainerio (c.1535-1582) was born in Parma, apparently of Scottish extraction. Although a cleric by training, he was interested in a wide range of subjects, including persistent rumors of occult dealings. The present collection was published in Venice in 1578, apparently the result of a somewhat belated musical carrer on Mainerio's part. It is one of the first significant collections of European folk dances, frequently reprinted in part in later anthologies, without credit to Mainerio. Together with this work, which is becoming better known, Mainerio published a few pieces of liturgical polyphony.

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