Gabrieli canzoni

Gabrieli: Canzoni et Sonate da sonar
Consort Fontegara - René Clemencic
Tactus 550701


  1. Canzon Prima à 5
  2. Canzon II à 6
  3. Canzon III à 6
  4. Canzon IV à 6
  5. Canzon V à 7
  6. Canzon VI à 7
  7. Canzon VII à 7
  8. Canzon VIII à 8
  9. Canzon IX à 8
  10. Canzon X à 8
  11. Canzon XI à 8
  12. Canzon XII à 8
  13. Sonata XIII à 8
  14. Canzon XIV à 10
  15. Canzon XV à 10
  16. Canzon XVI à 12
  17. Canzon XVII à 12
  18. Sonata XVIII à 14
  19. Sonata XIX à 15
  20. Sonata XX à 22
  21. Sonata XXI con tre violini, overo con altri instrumenti, col basso se piace

Performers: Andrea Carmagnola (recorder), Salvatore Dell'Atti (recorder), Ugo Galasso (recorder), Marco Di Manno (recorder), Donato Sansone (recorder), Gabriela Soltz (recorder), Stefano Cuturello (violin), Nanneke Schaap (viol), Sofia Martignoni (viol), Stefano Lorenzetti (harpsichord, organ)

Playing time: 73'

Recording date: July 1995

This recording contains the entire Canzoni et Sonate da sonar as issued posthumously in 1615, one of the few Venetian publications devoted entirely to Giovanni Gabrieli. This is easily the high point of Gabrieli's canzona writing, along with the Sonate con tre violini, a signifier of upcoming developments. Here we have a rather infrequent interpretation of most of the items on recorders (as opposed to cornets & sackbuts).

A new recording (or a reissue?):

Gabrieli: Canzoni et Sonate, 1615
Consort Fontegara - René Clemencic
Tactus 550702

An earlier recording by this ensemble, featuring a much broader range of music:

Il Giardino dell'Amore
Musiche strumentali nell'Europa fra Medioevo e Rinascimento
Consort Fontegara
Bongiovanni 5532

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