Early Middle English Songs

Mirie It Is!
Early Middle English Songs
Texas Early Music Project Medieval Consort - Daniel Johnson
Texas Early Music Project 2001 V. 3 [CD]


    Three hymns by St. Godric (c.1215)
  1. Crist and Sainte Marie
  2. Sainte Marie virgine
  3. Sainte Nicholaes
  4. Man mei longe him lives wene (pre-1250)
  5. Ar ne kuthe ich sorghe non (c.1250)
  6. Worldes blis (late 13th cent.)
  7. Estampie (13th cent.)
  8. Mirie it is (c.1225)
  9. Bryd one brere (c.1300)
  10. Stand wel moder under rode (early 13th cent.)
  11. The milde long isprad o rode
  12. Gabriel fram evene king
  13. Edi beo thu hevene quene (pre-1300)
  14. Worldes bliss have god day / Benedicamus Domino (c.1280)
  15. Jesu cristes milde moder
  16. Sancta mater graciae / Dou way, Robin (late 13th cent.)
  17. Estampie
  18. Lou, lou, lou! (c.1330)
  19. Foweles in the frith (c.1270)
  20. Sumer is icumen in (c.1250)

Playing time: 73' 32"

Texas Early Music Project Medieval Consort - Daniel Johnson, dir.
Becky Baxter (harp), Therese Honey (harp), John Walteers (vielle), Larisa Montanaro (soprano), Stephanie Prewitt (mezzo-soprano), Christopher LeCluyse (tenor), Daniel Johnson (tenor, psaltery)
Guest artist: Judith Overcash (soprano)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [2001 or prior];
Rel. 2001

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