The Play of Daniel

The Play of Daniel
A 12th Century Mystery Play - Adaptation by Daniel Johnson
Texas Early Music Project Medieval Orchestra & Chorus - Daniel Johnson, dir.
Texas Early Music Project 2004-2005 Vol. 2 [CD]


  1. La quinte estampie / Danielis
  2. Dance roial
  3. Ductia
  4. Angel Prelude
  5. Angel
  6. All Courtiers: Processional
  7. All: Rex in aeternum vive
  8. Belshazzar
  9. Courtier's feast
  10. Courtier solo
  11. Belshazzar and Magi
  12. Queen's Entourage: Processional
  13. Queen
  14. Queen
  15. Belshazzar
  16. Queen's Entourage
  17. Daniel
  18. Queen's Entourage and Daniel
  19. Daniel and Belshazzar
  20. Daniel and Belshazzar
  21. Belshazzar
  22. Queen's Entourage: Processional
  23. Courtiers: Processional
  24. Angel's themes interlude
  25. Guardian Angel: Beata virgine
  26. Darius and Army
  27. Two of the Queen's Entourage
  28. Darius' Army Invades
  29. All: Rex in aeternum vive
  30. Interlude based on number 26
  31. Advisors and Darius
  32. Darius' court processional
  33. Daniel
  34. Women Processional
  35. Daniel and Darius
  36. Danse roial à 3
  37. Envious Counselors
  38. Envious Counselors and Darius
  39. Daniel
  40. Darius
  41. Instrumental
  42. Daniel
  43. Habakkuk Theme à 2
  44. Angel and Habakkuk
  45. Habakkuk
  46. Daniel
  47. Habakkuk Theme à 3
  48. Darius
  49. Daniel
  50. Darius, Court Envious Counselors
  51. Daniel
  52. Angel
  53. All: Te Deum

Playing time: 67' 26"

Daniel - Christopher Le Cluyse
King Belshazzar - Sam Johnson
Belshazzar's Queen - Judith Overcash
King Darius - Brett Barnes
Magi - Lara Britton, Jeffrey Jones Ragona
Angels - Stephanie Prewitt, Jenifer Thysen
Darius' Sons - Ben Bell, Joe Bergen, Gil Zilkha
Habakkuk - Daniel Johnson
Caroline Frommhold, Catherine Haenni, Julie Noble, James Hadden, Frank Shirley, Kaade Roberts
Jonathan Brumley (lute, shawm), Susan Richtere (shawm, recorder), Jim Garrison (percussion), Stephanie Stuart (vielle), Scott Horton (lute), Laurie Young Stevens (vielle), Jan Jackson (recorder), Dale Taylor (shawm, recorder), Daniel Johnson (psaltery), John Walters (vielle, rebec)
Queen's Entourage:
Wendy Brockett, Laura Buford, Cayla Cardiff, Heidi Hock, Susan Richter, Elizabeth Stinton, Allison Welch, Lauren Zachry Renolds
Joe Bergen, Ben Bell, Robert Honstein, Joel Nesvadba, Jonathan Nesvadba, Jonathan Riemer, Gil Zilkha

Recording site and date:
University Presbyterian Church [12/2004];
Rel. 2005

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