Bele buche e bele parleure

Bele buche e bele parleure
A guide to the pronunciation of medieval and Renaissance French for singers and others / by Jeannine Alton and Brian Jeffrey
(Unknown interpret)
London: Tecla; ISBN 095022412X: 0950224138 [Cassette]


Precise content is unknown, but the cassette includes a sung performance of:

    Guillaume de Machaut:
    Plus dure que dyamant

Playing time: ??' ??"


Recording site and date:
The book has been published ca 1976

Reviewed in:
Early Music 6 (1978): 599

All information stated from Earp and IUCAT. Earp states in his bibliography: "A useful guide to historical french pronunciation, including a taped recitation of Machaut's Plus dure (V31/28), followed by a sung performance of the first strophe."

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