Come into my Garden

Canticum Canticorum
Come into my Garden
Telarc CD-80486


    Ivan Moody: Three motets on Song of Songs
  1. Motet: Surge, propera amica mea
  2. Motet: Descendi in hortum meum
  3. Motet: Ego dilecto meo

  4. Anon., sephardic:
  5. Yo m'asento en mi ventana

  6. Anon., 13th c., Worcester Antiphonaire:
  7. Rex Salomon

  8. Anon., hebrew: Song of Songs
  9. Cantilation (Uri Tsafon)

  10. Shira Kammen:
  11. Awake, North Wind

  12. Anon., hebrew: Song of Songs
  13. Cantilation (Shir Hashirim)

  14. William Sharlin:
  15. Shir Hashirim

  16. Anon., hebrew: Song of Songs
  17. Cantilation (Hinach Yafah)

  18. Hildegard von Bingen:
  19. O ecclesia

  20. Anon., hebrew: Song of Songs
  21. Cantilation (Yonati B'chagvey)

  22. Anon., pop. Israeli song:
  23. Dodi Li

  24. Anon., 12th c., St. Martial:
  25. Osculetur me

  26. Anon., hebrew: Song of Songs
  27. Cantilation (Hishbati Etchem)

  28. Anon., 14th c., Wienhauser Liederbuch:
  29. Dilectus meus

  30. Anon., hebrew: Song of Songs
  31. Cantilation (Kol Dodi)

  32. Anon., sephardic:
  33. Una Matica de Ruda

  34. Max Helfman:
  35. Set me as a Seal Upon Thy Heart

Performers: Tapestry [Laurie Monahan (mezzo-soprano), Cristi Catt (soprano), Sandra Morales-Ramírez (mezzo-sopano, percusson) Daniela Tosic (alto)] & Shira Kammen (vielle, harp) - Laurie Monahan, dir.

Playing time: 61' 22"

Recording dates: Mt. Holyoke College Chapel, South Hadley, Massachussetts, USA [10/1997]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 76/907-110 (october/november 1998)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 22/2-377
Goldberg (#-p):

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