John, come kiss me now

John, come kiss me now
Byrd: Virginal Music
Andreas Staier
Teldec 42205


  1. Fantasia (in C; BK 25)
  2. Sellinger's Round (in G; BK 84)
  3. Hugh Aston's Ground or Tregian's Ground (in a; BK 20)
  4. Pavan: Ph. Tregian (in F; BK 60a)
  5. Galliard (in F; BK 60b)
  6. Walsingham (in g; BK 8)
  7. Callino Casturame (in C; BK 35)
  8. Prelude (in a; BK 12)
  9. Fantasia (in a; BK 13)
  10. My Lady Nevell's Ground (in d; BK 57)
  11. The Queen's Alman (in g; BK 10)
  12. Alman (in G; BK 89)
  13. Lavolta (in G; BK 91)
  14. Qui passe: for my lady Nevell (in a; BK 19)
  15. The Woods so Wild (in G; BK 85)
  16. John Come Kiss Me Now (in G; BK 81)
  17. The Bells (in C; BK 38)

Instrument: harpsichord "false inner-outer" - Detmar Hungerberg (1999) after 17th century Florentine models

Playing time: 73'

Recording date: August 2001 (Köln)

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