Das Deutsche Lied um 1500

Das Deutsche Lied um 1500
Capella Antiqua, München
Telefunken "Das Alte Werk" AWT 8027 [EP, 45 r.p.m., mono]
Telefunken "Das Alte Werk" SAWT 8027 [EP, 45 r.p.m., stereo]


    Paul Hofhaimer
  1. Nach Willen dein

  2. Heinrich Isaac
  3. La piu vagha et piu bella
  4. Tmeiskin uas iunch

  5. Heinrich Finck
  6. Ach herzigs Herz

  7. Ludwig Senfl
  8. Entlaubet is der Walde

  9. Heinrich Isaac
  10. Der welte fundt

  11. Thomas Stoltzer
  12. Est wird erfreut

Playing time: ??' ??"

Capella Antiqua, München - Konrad Ruhland, dir. (mit zink, diskant viole, altgambe, altoposaune, tenorpommer, bassgambe).

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1960 or prior]

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Information from photocopies of "Katalog 1961 / 62 Telefunken Schallplatten" provided by Lambert van Stratum.
Late 50's, early 60's, Telefunken in its serie "Das Alte Werk" released a certain number of EP (17 cm, 45 r.p.m.); often, some or complete content of them were later released in the standard LP format with additional material.

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