Frühe deutsche Musik

Frühe deutsche Musik am Augang des Mittelalters
Studio der frühen Musik
Telefunken « Das Alte Werk » AWT 8038 [EP, 45rpm., 17cm, mono]


    Anon., Germany, ca 1450, Lochamer Liederbuch
  1. Ich spring an disem ringe

  2. Oswald von Wolkenstein, Wien 2777:
  3. In Suria ain praiten hal
  4. Gar wunniklaich

  5. Hans Sachs: Adam Puschmann Singbuch
  6. Nachdem David war redlich

  7. Anon., ca 1470, Trient Codex
  8. Adveniste desirabilis

  9. Wizlaw von Rügen
  10. We, ich han gedacht

Studio der frühen Musik Andrea von Ramm (mezzo-soprano, portative organ), Nigel Rogers (tenor), Sterling Jones (viele), Thomas Binkley (flute, lute, crumhorn)
with Max Henker (recorder), Konrad Hampe (recorder) and unknown player (wood percussion)

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [ca 1963];
Rel.: ca 1964

[1]-[4] Telefunken « Das Alte Werk » AWT 9432-C / SAWT 9432-B [LP, mono / stereo] Frühe Musik: England - Flandern - Deutschland - Spanien

Information from Bielefelder katalog (1965).
Late 50's, early 60's, Telefunken in its serie « Das Alte Werk » released a certain number of EP (45rpm, 17 cm); often, some or complete content of them were later released in the standard LP format with additional material.
According to Harmonia Archives in a conversation with Thomas Binkley interviewed by violinist John Holloway at WFIU for the BBC in 1993, partially re-broadcast (2002) in American Early Music Pioneers, program 02-49, Mr. Binkley stated that the Studio was formed in 1959 and that this was the first recording.
In the same program, from a previous interview of Sterling Jones broadcast in 1995 again for Harmonia (In Memoriam Thomas Binkley), Mr. Jones states:
"I think that the first one was Early Music of England, Germany and France or something like that; they were two all right at the beginning; they were general survey kinds of recording with a variety of things; they weren't particularly specialized, they were specialized inasmuch as certain countries were chosen but not any one composer or not one particular aspect like troubadors or trouvères or that sort of things ... ; these were the first one for Telefunken. ...."

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