Bull harpsichord music

John Bull: Music for Harpsichord
Bob Van Asperen
Teldec (Das Alte Werk) 95532


  1. In Nomine IX
  2. The King's Hunt
  3. Queen Elizabeth's Chromatic Pavan and Galliard
  4. Dutch Dance
  5. Fantasia XII
  6. Fantastic Pavan and Galiarda
  7. In Nomine XII
  8. Germain's Alman
  9. Fantasia X
  10. Canon in supdiapente, two parts
  11. Doctor Bull's My Selfe

Playing time: 56'

Original release: 1983; re-released: 1994 (mid-price)

Instrument: Harpsichord, Ruckers 1624

Although Van Asperen's technical execution is excellent, the tone is rough in places -- an artifact of the difficulties of tuning that Bull's complicated modulations present.

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Todd M. McComb