Ad modum tubae

Ad modum tubae
Les haulz et les bas
Talanton TAL90007 [CD]


    David yacus
  1. Introitus de tuba

  2. Mönch von Salzburg
  3. Dy trumpet

  4. Guillaume Dufay
  5. Gloria ad modum Tubae

  6. Guillaume Dufay - Anonym - Guillaume Dufay
  7. Navré je suis - Puis fortuna - Sa la face ay pale

  8. Guillaume Dufay
  9. Ce jour de l'an

  10. Anonym
  11. Chansonetta tedesca
  12. Trotto

  13. Guillaume de Machaut
  14. Douce Dame jolie

  15. Anonym - Improvisation - Traditional italian
  16. La Manfredina - Improvisation - La Capirese

  17. Giovanno Ambrosia Dalza
  18. Piva

  19. Anonym
  20. Danse de Clèves

  21. Traditional italian - Traditional turkish
  22. Pastorella - Alif ya soultani

  23. Traditional bulgarian
  24. Naslenkino Horo

  25. Ali Ufki
  26. Neva cheng-i-harbi

Les haulz et les bas
Gesine Bänfer (shawm, bombard, bagpipes), Ian Harrison (shawm, bagpipes), David yacus (buisine), Christian Braun (buisine), Michael Metzler (riq, davul, triangle, bells, tympani), Andrea Piccioni (tambourine, tammorra, cymbals)

Playing time: 64'51

Recording site and date:
Live in Montalbane Festiva [26/06/2009]
Rel.: 2012

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