Sir John Alot

Sir John Alot of merrie Englandes musik thyng & ye Greene Knyghte
John Renbourn et al.
Transatlantic TRA 167 [LP]
Reprise RS 6344 [LP]
Shanachie 97021 [CD]


  1. The Earle of Salisbury
  2. The trees they do grow high
  3. Lady goes to church
  4. Morgana
  5. Transfusion
  6. Forty-eigh
  7. My dear boy
  8. White fishes
  9. Sweet potato
  10. Seven up

Playing time: 31' ??"

John Renbourn (guitar), Terry Cox (finger cymbals, African drums, glockenspiel), Ray Warleigh (flute), David Munrow (recorders).

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1968 or earlier];
Rel.: 1968 (Transatlantic), 1969 (Reprise), 1992 (Shanachie)

Reviewed in:
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Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):

Information from Stefan Dollak & John Renbourn's homepage.
Stefan Dolak wrote me in an e-mail: « I think I may have found a possible addendum to your ... discography or it may just be a case of mistaken identity. In the liner notes to the Transatlantic re-release of John Renbourn's "Sir John Alot of Merrie England's Musyk Thyng & ye Grene Knyghte," we have the following: John [Renbourn] has always played down any suggestion that his contribution to the revival of interest in Early Music - a movement spear-headed by John's friend David Monroe - was an important one... Monroe himself guested, uncredited, on Sir John Alot and his English Music Consort would later perform the shape-note hymn 'O, Wondrous Love' with the Pentangle on a 1971 LWT television broadcast." (from the re-release notes by Colin Harper).
Though it's spelled "Monroe," it sure sounds like our David Munrow! »
Indeed, he is listed in Renbourn's discography.

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Pierre-F. Roberge