Music of Medieval England

Honey from the Thorn
Music of Medieval England
Tim Rayborn, et al.
Tim Rayborn (UPC: 884501118392) [CD]


  1. Estampie "Dou way, Robin" (T. Rayborn, mid-13th cent. style) [instr.]
  2. Salve virgo virginum (late 13th cent. Marian conductus)
  3. Three Songs of St. Godric (mid-12th cent.)
  4. Estampie "Volez oyer" (T. Rayborn, based on a 13th cent. Anglo-Norman love motet) [instr.]
  5. Motet on Godric's "Sainte Nicholas" (T. Rayborn, early 13th cent. style) [instr.]
  6. Worldes blis (mid-13th cent. morality song)
  7. The milde Lomb (arr. T. Rayborn, mid 13th cent. crucifixion song) [instr.]
  8. Sancta mater graciae / dou way, Robin (mid-13th cent. Marian motet)
  9. Stond wel, moder (arr. T. Rayborn & S. Kammen, 13-th cent. crucifixion song) [instr.]
  10. Brid one breere (early 14th cent. love song)
  11. Estampie "Luttrell" (T. Rayborn, inspired by Luttrell Psalter, early 14th cent.) [instr.]
  12. Miri it is (mid-13th cent. winter lament)
  13. Maiden moder milde (T. Rayborn, 13th cent. bilingual crucifixion poem, English & Anglo-Norman)
  14. Lou, lou, lou (early 14th cent. comical song) [instr.]
  15. Maiden in the mor lay (J. Fleagle, early 14th cent. poem)
  16. Symphonia (arr. T. Rayborn, from tenor of motet Spiritus et alme, mid-13th cent.) [instr.]
  17. With longing I am lad (early 14th cent. love poem, music adapted from 13-th cent. French song, De Yesse naïstre)
  18. Anglia planctus itera (arr. T. Rayborn, lament on death of Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany, d.1186) [instr.]
  19. Nota (mid-13th cent.) [instr.]
  20. Whanne mine eyhnen misten (13th cent. morality poem)

Playing time: 69' 03"

Tim Rayborn (voice, harp, psaltery, percussion, lute, symphonie), Annette Bauer (recorders, voice), Phoebe Jevtovic (voice), Shira Kammen (vielle, harp), Susan Rode Morris (voice)

Recording site and date:
Hypercussion Studio, Berkeley, CA - Muscletone Studio, Albany, CA [11/2006-01/2009];
Rel. 2009

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