Henry VIII and his Six Wives

Henry VIII and his Six Wives
Music arranged and composed by David Munrow
The Early Music Consort of London - David Munrow, dir.
Testament SBT 1250 [CD]


    Thoinot Arbeau / David Munrow: Orchésographie 1588
  1. Basse Danse: Jouyssance vous Donneray

  2. Claude Gervaise / David Munrow: Quart livre de danceries 1550
  3. Pavane: Le Bon Vouloir

  4. Pierre Phalèse / David Munrow: Premier livre de danceries 1571
  5. Galliard: Traditore

  6. David Munrow
  7. Fireworks Music

  8. Henry VIII / David Munrow, B.M.R. App. 58
  9. The King's Ballad: Pastime with Good Company

  10. Anon. / Robert Spencer, 16th c.
  11. Lute solo: Le Petit Gentilhomme

  12. David Munrow
  13. Ballad of Robin and Marion
  14. Street Music
  15. Henry's Loneliness I
    The Joust at Westminster
    Henry's Loneliness II
  16. The King's Hunt

  17. Tielman Susato / David Munrow: Danserye 1551
  18. Fanfare: La Mourisque

  19. Claude Gervaise / David Munrow: Quart livre de danceries 1550
  20. Galliard

  21. Anon. / David Munrow, 16th c., Regensburg MS
  22. La Pastorella

  23. Claude Gervaise / David Munrow: Quart livre de dancerie
  24. Galliard

  25. Henry VIII / Christopher Hogwood, British Museum R. App. 58
  26. Regal solo: King Harry VIII Pavan
    Regal solo: King Harry VIII Galliard

  27. Traditional / David Munrow, 16th c.
  28. Wedding Music for Anne of Clèves

  29. Henry VIII / David Munrow & Christopher Hogwood, British Museum R. App. 58
  30. Harpsichord solo: The Short Mesure Off My Lady Wynkfyld's Rownde
  31. Harpsichord solo: My Lady Carey's Dompe

  32. David Munrow
  33. Ethiop Masque

  34. Anon. /Anne Boleyn (?), British Museum, add. MS 15 117
  35. O Death Rock Me Asleep

  36. David Munrow
  37. Catherine Howard's Interrogation
  38. Lute Duet
  39. Closing Music

  40. Anon., 17th c.
  41. Greensleeves to a ground

  42. John Dowland Five Dances from Lachrymae (1605)
  43. Dances I: Sir John Souch his Galliard
  44. Dances II: Earl of Essex Galliard
  45. Dances III: Lachryimae Antiquae
  46. Dances IV: The King of Denmark's Galliard
  47. Dances V: Mrs. Nichols Almand

  48. Recorder (b) 4' Consort - Anthony Holborne: Pavans, Galliards, Allmains and other short aeirs 1599
  49. The Fairie Rounde

  50. Virginals - Anon., 16th c.: Dublin Virginal Book c. 1570
  51. Variation on the Romanesca

  52. Lute - John Dowland
  53. Orlando Sleepeth

  54. (a) Viol (consort) - William Byrd:
  55. Fantasy in four parts

  56. (b) Lyra viol - Thomas Ford:
  57. Duet "Forget me not"

Playing time: 72' 06"

[1]-[23] The Early Music Consort of London [James Bowman (countertenor), Martyn Hill (tenor), Michael Laird (cornett and trumpet), Iaan Wilson (cornett and trumpet), Roger Brenner (sackbut), Roger Groves (sackbut), Colin Sheen (sackbut), Trevor Herbert (sackbut), Martin Nicholls (sackbut), Alan Lumsden (sackbut), David Munrow (shawm, chalumeau, rackett, recorder), John Turner (recorder, flutte, chinese mouth organ), David Pugsley (recorder), Oliver Brookes (recorder, viol, crwth, troma marina, cello), James Tyler (lute, cittern, recorder), Dennis Nesbitt (viol), Desmond Dupré (viol, lute), Elizabeth Page (viol), Jane Ryan (viol), Robert Spencer (lute), Christopher Hogwood (harpsichord, harp, regal), Gillian Reid (psaltery and bells), David Corkhill (renaissance tympani and percussion), David Johnson (renaissance tympani and percussion), Barry Quinn (renaissance tympani and percussion)] - David Munrow, dir.
[24]-[29] The Early Music Consort of London [Oliver Brookes (viola da gamba), Alan Lumsden (tenor recorder), David Munrow (recorder, treble recorder), David Pugsley (tenor recorder), Robert Spencer (lute), John Turner (treble recorder)] - David Munrow, dir. & George Malcolm (harpsichord)
[30]-[34] The Early Music Consort of London [Andrew van der Beek (alto recorder), Oliver Brookes (bass recorder, viol), Christopher Hogwood (virginal), Alan Lumsden (soprano recorder), Catherine Mackintosh (treble viol), David Munrow (bass courtaut), Jane Ryan (bass viol), John Turner (soprano recorder), James Tyler (lute, tenor recorder, tenor viol)] - David Munrow, dir.

Recording site and date:
[1]-[23] Abbey Road Studio [02/1972]
[24]-[29] Abbey Road Studio [02/1976]
[30]-[34] Abbey Road Studio [03, 04, 09 /1973; 02/1974]
rel. 2004.

Excerpts (from original recording):
[1]-[23] EMI CSD A9001 [LP] Henry VIII and his six wives
[24]-[29] EMI CSD 3781 [LP] Greensleeves to a Ground
[30]-[34] EMI (His Master's Voice) "Angel Series" SLS 988 (box) [LPx2] Instruments of Middle Ages and Renaissance

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 513-112 (april 2004)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):
Goldberg (#-p.): 31-72 (2005)

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