The Passinge Mesures

The Passinge Mesures - William Byrd
James Nicolson
Titanic 225


  1. The Woods so Wild (virginal)
  2. Pavana (virginal)
  3. Qui passe: for my ladye nevell (virginal)
  4. Pavana Lachrymae (virginal)
  5. The Bells (virginal)
  6. Lord willobies welcome home (organ)
  7. Miserere (organ)
  8. Galliard (organ)
  9. A fancie (organ)
  10. Monsieur's Alman (organ)
  11. Pavana (virginal)
  12. Galiarda (virginal)
  13. Walsingham (virginal)
  14. Alman (virginal)
  15. My ladye nevels grounde (virginal)
  16. A Gigg (virginal)
  17. The passinge mesures: the nynthe pavian (virginal)
  18. The galliarde to the same (virginal)

Playing time: 79'

Recording dates: October 1991, October 1992, May & December 1993

Instruments: Virginal (double; muselar), Lynette Tsiang after Ruckers; Organ (meantone) at Hatzfeld an der Eder, Johann Christian Rindt (1706).

James Nicolson's later recording:

Treasures and Pleasures
Tastenmusik der Renaissance
James Nicolson (double virginal)
Live Records / Sound Source International 003

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