Sacred and Profane

Sacred and Profane
Salomone Trio
Titanic Ti-238


    Anon., 14th c., Worcester fragments:
  1. Alleluya Psallat

  2. Alfonso le Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  3. Cantiga: Nas Mentes Senpre Teer

  4. Anon, 13th c., Montpellier manuscript:
  5. Alle, Psallite cum Luya

  6. Anon, 13th c., School of Notre Dame:
  7. Pucelete - Je Languis - Domino

  8. Jean Mouton:
  9. Popular French song: Le Grant Desir

  10. Claudin (?):
  11. Il est en Vous

  12. Anon., ca 1500:
  13. Popular French song: Mais que ce Fut

  14. Anon.:
  15. Ma Bouche Rit

  16. Claudin (?):
  17. Au pres de Vous

  18. Anon., ca 1500 / Antoine Brumel:
  19. Vrai Dieu d'Amours

  20. Salomone Rossi:
  21. Ele Moadei Adonai
  22. Shir Hamaalot
  23. Barchu

  24. Thomas Bateson:
  25. The Nightingale

  26. Thomas Morley:
  27. Though Philomela Lost Her Love

  28. Thomas Weelkes:
  29. Those Sweet Delightful Lilies

  30. Henry Youll:
  31. While Joyful Springtime Lasteth

  32. Robert Johnson / John Wilson:
  33. Where the Bee Sucks

  34. Anon., Trad. Sephardic:
  35. Cuando el Rey Nimrod
  36. Tu Madre cuando Te Pario
  37. Scalerica de Oro
  38. Mizmor l'David
  39. Alli en el Midbar
  40. Noches, Noches
  41. Morena me Llaman/Morenica a mi me Llaman

  42. Alfonso le Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  43. Cantiga 7: Santa Maria Amar

Performers: Salomone Trio [Marie Costanza (singer), Carol Flamm (singer), Elissa Weiss (singer)] with Adeline Sire (recorders), Laura Liben (percussion)

Playing time: 58' 42"

Recording dates: New York City [spring 1997]

Comments: Information from Trio Salomone's web site and Elissa Weiss.

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Pierre-F. Roberge