Ad Fontes

Ad Fontes
Amici musicae antique - Jaroslav Orel, dir.
Ultraphon 9612 0021


    Anon., gregorian:
  1. Gregorian chant

  2. Johannes Ockeghem: Missa "Ecce ancilla Domini"
  3. Kyrie

  4. Jacob Obrecht: Missa "Schoen lief"
  5. Gloria

  6. Anon., Paris school (early 13th cent.):
  7. Clausula graduale: Haec dies

  8. Guillaume Dufay:
  9. Deus tuorum militum

  10. Anon., gregorian chant:
  11. Alleluia Christus resurgens

  12. Josquin Desprez:
  13. Motet: In principio

  14. Anon., gregorian chant:
  15. Offertorium: Jubilate Deo

  16. Guillaume Machaut: Missa Notre Dame
  17. Sanctus

  18. Jean Mouton:
  19. Motet: Benedicamus Dominus

  20. Giovanni Palestrina: Missa "Papae Marcelli"
  21. Agnus

  22. Anon., gregorian chant:
  23. Communio: Narrabo

  24. Anon., Compostella school (c. 1125):
  25. Organum: Benedicamus domino

  26. Johannes Martini:
  27. Magnificat

Playing time: 56' 44"

Amici musicae antique - Jaroslav Orel, dir.

Recording site and date:
Prague [03/1993]

Re-issue none known

Compilation: None known

Excerpts: none

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Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
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Information from Juraj Slanicka. This a rather obscure CD from the Czech republic bought there by him around 1993. He also stated that "The choir is mixed, and it is clear that they are not professionals, although their singing is fine".

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