Music in Medieval and Renaissance Life

Music in Medieval and Renaissance Life
Collegium of the University of Missouri - Andrew Minor, cond.
University of Missouri Press UMPR 1001 [LP]


    John Bartlet
  1. Of all the birds that I do know

  2. Marco Cara
  3. Frottola: Non e tempo

  4. Guillaume Dufay
  5. Hymn: Conditor alma siderum

  6. Claude Gervaise
  7. Pavane d'Angleterre avec sa Gaillarde

  8. Jacob Handl (aka Jacobus Gallus)
  9. Motet: Hodie Christus natus est

  10. Heinrich Isaac
  11. Hora e di Maggio

  12. Jean Mouton
  13. Motet: In illo tempore Maria Magdalene
  14. La rouse du moys de may

  15. Colin Muset
  16. Quand je voi yver retorner

  17. Annibale Padovano
  18. Aria della Battaglia per sonar d'istrumenti da flato a 8

  19. Edward Piers (aka Pearce)
  20. He, Trola, there boys are

  21. Ludwig Senfl
  22. Das Gläut zu Speyer

  23. Thomas Weelkes
  24. The ape, the money, and baboon

  25. Anon.
  26. La Ballete de la Reine d'Avril
  27. Estampie
  28. Gaite de la tor
  29. Nota
  30. Prima chiamata di Guerra
  31. Seconda chiamata, che va sonna avanti la Battaglia
  32. The strake to the fields
  33. Tappster, Dryngker, fylle another ale
  34. The uncoupling of the coverte side

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Unknown [1970 or prior]

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Information from Medieval and Renaissance Music on Long-playing Records # 721.

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