Isabella d'Este - First Lady of the Renaissance

Isabella d'Este - First Lady of the Renaissance
The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
University of Oklahoma Center for Music Television (no number) [VHS]


This documentary film on the life and times of Isabella d'Este, featuring Emma Kirkby in the main role, is largely based on her extensive correspondence. The program is interwoven with the following musical selections:

  1. Forse che si, forse che no (frottola, Marchetto Cara)
  2. Muchos son che van perdidos (Bartolomeo Tromboncino)
  3. Des biens d'amours (chanson, Johannes Martini)
  4. Ostinato vo' seguire (Tromboncino) [instr.]
  5. Vergine bella (canzona, Tromboncino)
  6. Prenez sur moy (canon, Johannes Ockeghem)
  7. Fortuna desperata (Martini)
  8. Scaramella (Josquin des Pres) [instr.]
  9. Kyrie eleison (Jacquet of Mantua)
  10. Cantai mentre nel cor (Cara)
  11. Italia mia (madrigal, Phillipe Verdelot)
  12. Vaghi boschetti (madrigal, Francesco dalla Viola)
  13. Lirum bili lirum (frottola, Rossinus Mantuanus)
  14. Dulces exuviae (motet, Josquin)
  15. Dido's lament (Cara?)

Playing time: 58' 30"

The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
Emma Kirkby (Isabella), Ellen Dryden (narrator)

Recording site and date:
Palazzo Ducale, Mantua [2000 or prior];
Rel. 2000

Produced and directed by Eugene Enrico. Funded in part by Oklahoma Foundation for the Humanities, National Endowment for the Humanities, the University of Oklahoma Foundation & the U.S.-Spanish Joint Committee for Cultural and Educational Cooperation.
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