Buxtehude 250th Anniversary Program

Buxtehude 250th Anniversary Program
Two Cantatas, Missa Brevis, Magnificat in D Major
The Cantata Singers, String Orchestra, Organ - Alfred Mann, cond.
Urania UR 8018 [LP, mono]
Urania USD 1011 [LP, stereo]
Urania UST 902 [Tape, stereo]
Urania USD 1210 [Tape, stereo]
Urania US 5 8018 [LP]
Saga X1D 5140 [LP, UK]


    Dietrich Buxtehude:
  1. Cantata: Alles, was Ihr tut
  2. Cantata: Was mich auf dieser Welt betruebt
  3. Missa brevis
  4. Magnificat in D major

Playing time: ??' ??"

Helen Boatwright (soprano), Janet Wheeler (soprano), Russell Oberlin (counter-tenor), Charles Bressler (tenor), Paul Matthen (bass), The Cantata Singers, String Orchestra, John Strauss (organ) - Alfred Mann, conductor.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1957 or prior]

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