Medieval Music

Medieval Music
Noise of Minstrels
Ur Sound UrS CD 2101 [CD]


  1. Fanfare Dou way Robin (Anon, 14th cent. English)
  2. Estampie Angelus ad Virginem (Anon, 14th cent. English)
  3. Io son pellegrin (Florentia, 14th cent. Italian)
  4. Douce dame jolie (Machaut, 14th cent. French)
  5. Tristrams lament and rota (Anon, 14th cent., Italian)
  6. Huitieme estampie (Anon, 13th cent. French)
  7. Le grant pleyser (Anon, 14th cent. English)
  8. Questa faciulla (Anon, 13th cent. Italian)
  9. Plus dure (Machaut)
  10. Saltarello (Anon, 14th cent., Italian)
  11. Granm piant'agli occhi (Landini, 14th cent. Italian)
  12. Dame se vous mestes (Machaut)
  13. Esperanse (Anon, 14th cent. English)
  14. Rota Arabesque (Anon, 16th cent.)
  15. Se ome fezer (Cantiga de Santa Maria 207, 13th cent. Spanish)
  16. Edi beo thu (Anon, 13th cent., English)
  17. Danse real (Anon, 13th cent. French)
  18. Ich was ein chint (Carmina Burana, 13th cent.)
  19. Estampie (Anon, 13th cent. French)
  20. Katerina collaudemus (Carmina Burana)
  21. Michi confer venditor (Carmina Burana)
  22. Bache bene venies (Carmina Burana)

Playing time: 53' 00"

Noise of Minstrels
Ray Attfield (percussion), Penelope Cookson (soprano), Richard Cunningham (counter tenor), David Chatterley (hurdy-gurdy, lute), John Grubb (lute, gittern, citole, harp), Michael Sargeant (bagpipe, lute, recorders, harp, percussion, rote, pipe, string drum), Peter Sharp (citole), James Tribble (vielle), Peter Welch (recorders, hurdy-gurdy, harp, percussion)

Recording site and date:
ARK Studios [1983], Ursound Studios [1996/1999];
Rel. 2001

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Jorge Salazar