The Cruel Mother

The Cruel Mother
and Other English Ballads and Folksongs
A. Deller, D, Dupré, The Deller Consort
Vanguard VRS 1073 [LP, mono]
Vanguard (Omega) Classics OVC 8110 [CD, NA]


    Anon., from various collections:
  1. When Cockleshells Turn Silver Bells
  2. An Eriskay Love Lilt
  3. Peggy Ramsay
  4. Bushes and Briars
  5. Brigg Fair
  6. The Cruel Mother
  7. A Sweet Country Life

  8. ----
  9. The Bitter Withy
  10. Lang A-Growing
  11. The Lover's Ghost
  12. Lovely Joan
  13. She Moved Through the Fair
  14. A Brisk Young Lad he Courted Me
  15. Geordie

Playing time: 42' 34"

The Deller Consort
Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Eileen Poulter (soprano), Mary Thomas (soprano), Wilfred Brown (tenor), Gerald English (tenor), Maurice Bevan (baritone), Geoffrey Coleby (bass)
Desmond Dupré (lute)
Alfred Deller, dir.

Recording site and date:
Europe [1959];
Rel. 1961 [LP] & 1998 [CD]

Vanguard (Arcade) Classics "Alfred Deller Edition" 08 5072 71 The Cries of London - The Cruel Mother and other English Ballads and Folk Songs
Musical Concepts MC 193 [CDx7 + CD-ROM] Alfred Deller – The Complete Vanguard Recordings, Volume ONE: Folk Songs and Ballads

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