Folk Songs

Folk Songs
A. Deller, D. Dupré, J. Sothcott
Vanguard « Top Rank » JKP 15/007 [LP, 17cm, mono, UK]


    Anon./William Douglas of Fingland (t), 1685
  1. Annie Laurie

  2. Anon./Ben Johnson (t)
  3. Drink to me only

  4. Anon.
  5. Western wind
  6. Early One Morning
  7. Cockles and mussels
  8. The Miller of the dee

Playing time: ??' ??".

Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Desmond Dupré (guitar), John Sothcott (recorder)

Recording site and date:
Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London, UK [1958];
Rel.: 1958

Vanguard « Library Edition » VRS-1031 [LP, mono, NA] Western Wind and other English folk songs

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 37/441-422 (Feb 1960)

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