Henry Purcell: Music for a while - The fatal hour

Henry Purcell
Music for a while / The fatal hour
Alfred Deller
Vanguard "Top Rank" TR 5008 (45rpm, 17cm, mono, U.K.)


    Henry Purcell (m) /J. Dryden & N. Lee (t): Oedipus (arr.: Tippett & Bergmann)
  1. Song: Music for a while

  2. Henry Purcell
  3. Song (1v): The fatal hour came apace

Playing time: ??' ??"

Alfred Deller (countertenor), Walter Bergman (harpsichord)

Recording site and date:
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Rel.: 1960

Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG 570 / 71 [LPx2, mono] Homage to Purcell

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 37/443-539 (Apr 1960)

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