Claudio Monteverdi: Il Ballo delle Ingrate

Claudio Monteverdi: Il Ballo delle Ingrate
Masterpieces of the Italian Baroque
A. Deller et al.; Ambrosian Singers; London Chamber Players - Alfred Deller dir.
Vanguard « The Bach Guild » BG-567 [LP, mono, NA]
Amadeo AVRS 6069 [LP, stereo, Europe]


    Claudio Monteverdi / O. Rinuccini (t)
    Published in Ottavo libro de' madrigali (Madrigali guerrieri, et amorosi ...), Venice, 1638

    Ballo delle ingrate (sv167)
  1. Ouverture
  2. Amore: De l'implacabili Dio
  3. Sinfonia
  4. Venere: Udite, Domne, udite
  5. Plutone: Belle madre d'Amor
  6. Amore e Venere: Ecco ver noi

  7. Ballo
  8. Plutone: Dal tenebroso orror
  9. Ballo
  10. Una delle Ingrate: Ahi troppo e duro

Alfred Deller (counter-tenor « Venere »), Eileen McLaughlin (soprano « Amore »), David Ward (bass « Plutone »), April Cantelo (soprano « Una dell' Ingrate »)
Ambrosian Singers:
Chorus of Infernal Spirits and Heartless Ladies
Denis Stevens, cond.
London Chamber Players
Neville Marriner (violin), Peter Gibbs (violon), Kenneth Essex (viola), Derek Simpson ('cello), Anthony Baines (contrabass)
with Julian Bream (lute), Desmond Dupré (gamba), Denis Vaughan (harpsichord)
Alfred Deller, dir.

Playing time: 44' 51"

Recording site and date:
Europe [1956];
Rel.: April, 1957

Vanguard Classics 08 2030 71 [CD] Claudio Monteverdi: Il Ballo dell' Ingrate - Lamento d'Arianna
Musical Concepts MC 197 [CDx6 + CD-ROM] Alfred Deller « The Complete Vanguard Recordings », Volume SIX: Music of the French and Italian Renaissance

Reviewed in:
High Fidelity Magazine (m/y-p.): September/1957-73

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